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Strategic Position
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Strategic Position

Strategic position
A world class clean energy group
A global leading clean energy supplier and service provider

CGN devotes to
producing and supplying clean energy with zero carbon emissions
energy conservation & pollution reduction and utilization of clean energy for the public
supply of high quality clean energy products and services  in a way that is standard and sustainable

Production/Marketing Positioning

CGN provides 4 kinds of products and services as below:    
—— Clean energy productions: face to domestic and international markets, CGN provides nuclear, wind, solar, hydro and renewable power products.  
——Clean energy products: face to domestic and international market with centralizing clean energy development, construction, production, supply and utilization, to provide relevant industry products with core technology.  
——Clean energy service:face to domestic and international market to provide relevant services of clean energy development, construction, production and supply, and also provide service of energy utilization & consumption, financial and commonality affairs.   
——Other new energy relevant products & service: face to domestic and international market to provide relevant products & services of new energy.