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He Yu Calls for Faster Self-reliant Development of Nuclear Power Technology
  In his two-day interview with the media from March 10-11, Mr. He Yu, the Commissary of CPPCC and Chairman of CGN, called for faster self-reliant development of nuclear power technology, contributing to better environment in China.
  He Yu pointed out that, with a view to the aim of double GDP and per capita income till 2020, the demand for increasing energy is rigid. He also said that the development of nuclear power is an evitable choice in order to improve the energy structure, safeguard the energy and build a beautiful China.
  He further said, after 30 years of nuclear power development, China is still in lack of proprietary nuclear power technology with full intellectual rights and competitive in the world. China is a large nuclear power country, but not a strong player and, for example, is still behind South Korea, a peer of China starting nuclear power nearly at the same time.
  He Yu believed that it is necessary to integrate the advantages of the industrial chain as a “Combined Fleet”. “The export of nuclear power technology is more than export by one enterprise, but rather a country, or an industrial chain”, He said.
  “Currently the Chinese nuclear power enterprises generally lack the experience of developing the international market as well as the awareness of marketing, competition and risk control, and also are in urgent need of talents for internationalization.” He said, “All those points are the targets of our efforts”.