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Liaoning Hongyanhe NPP Ⅰ
Fujian Ningde NPP
Yangjiang NPP
Taishan NPP
Guangxi Fangchenggang NPP

While ensuring safe operation of in-service units, CGN proactively facilitates construction of new NP projects. National approval has been granted to 18 NP units in total of Liaoning Hongyanhe NPP Phase I, Fujian Ningde NPP Phase I, Yangjiang NPP, Taishan NPP Phase I and Guangxi Fangchenggang NPP Phase I, out of which 15 units are already under construction with an installed generating capacity of 17540MW, thus forming a simultaneous development of multiple projects and bases across regions. BR>

ProjectInstalled capacity (MWe) Starting construction date of the first unit Commercial operation date of the first unit NP technology Localization
Liaoning Hongyanhe NPP I 4×1,11.9 2007.8.18 2012CPR100075%
Fujian Ningde NPP I 4×1,089 2008.2.182013CPR100080%
Yangjiang NPP 6×1,086 2008.12.16 2013CPR100085%
Taishan NPP I 2×1,750 2009.9.1 20133rd generation EPR 50%
Guangxi Fangchenggang NPP I 2×10802010.7.30 2015CPR100080%