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ACPR1000 is an advanced nuclear power technology developed by CGNPC with independent intellectual property right.

Main performances meet the technical standards of the third generation technology and the requirements of Post-Fukushima. Its engineering work is being made taking advantage of proven technology and experience feedback, in line with the national and international laws and regulations.

Pursuing superb safety performance is focused, with due consideration to economic competitiveness,which satisfy the multiple requirements of the users in China and abroad.

Section drawing of NI of ACPR1000+

Main Features of ACPR1000+

157 fuel assemblies, 14feet active length

Improved reactor structure

3 independent trains of safety systems

Double containments

0.3g SSE: 0.3g

In-containment water storage

Single reactor layout

Severe accident mitigation measures

Emergency power and water supply system for beyond design basis accident (BDBA)

Design lifetime: 60 years


Three independent trains of safety systems;

Decreased linear power density to increase core thermal margin;

Double containment to protect against airplane crash and external explosion;

Improved seismic capability;

Effective mitigation measures for severe accidents


60 years of design lifetime

Metal reflector to reduce fast neutron flux in RPV

Online maintenance

18-month fuel cycle

Improved seismic capability to increase the site adaptability

Centralized disposal of radioactive waste to improve volume reduction ratio.