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Key Achievements
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Key Achievements

The efforts of CGN are rewarding. By the end of May 2012, CGN submitted 712 national patent applications and obtained 272 patents. The invention patent, “a nuclear power unit control system and its monitoring method and subsystem”, was awarded the gold prize in the 12th China Patent Award.

Digital I & C

CETC, a member of CGN, offers the design, system integration and technical services for digital I & C system in NPPs. The cases of performance by CETC include GNPS, LNPS, Qinshan NPP and Pakistani Chashma NPP, by way of re-construction or construction. Especially in LNPS Phase II, CETC completed integration of over 100 systems.

R&D of Nuclear Equipment Simulators with self-reliant design and manufacture in service

Digital Main Control Room in LNPS Phase II

Engineering prototype

Refueling machine for the fuel transportation and storage system of Gen-II+ units

Engineering Prototype for the sump filter of Gen-II+ units

Engineering Prototype for CRDM