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CGN has completed construction of the following solar projects:

100 MWe Xitieshan project in Qinghai Province

10 Mwe Dunhuang project in Gansu Prvince, the first photovoltaic power concession demonstration project connected to the grid in China

9 Mwe Dunhuang PhaseⅠProject

10 MWe Sangri project in Tibet

10 MWe Qingtongxia project in Ningxia

Hami, Qinghe and Yingjisha Project in Xinjiang (60 MWe altogether)

Besides, CGN also owns a solar project of 120 MWe under construction. In addition, CGN also implements "Golden Sun Demonstration Solar Projects” in Guangdong.

CGN intensifies its efforts on R&D to add to its fleet of new energy resources, including the demonstration projects and research projects of biomass power generation, tidal energy, vanadium battery storage power station, solar thermal energy and independent renewableenergy systems on island. etc.